COVID, Jobs, and Zoom

The U.S. population is on the move. A maelstrom of factors is driving shifts in domestic migration patterns that impacts all levels of government. …


Not Healthy and Not Optimized

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted all aspects of the military but also exposed a fault line that has been growing within the Department of Defense (DoD). DoD has a personnel and readiness problem far beyond the damage done by…

Approaches to Policy in Transformative Times

Bottom Line Up Front

Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems, and Multi-agent Swarms present both large opportunity and risk across the government. Policymakers must set the appropriate conditions to leverage opportunities and minimize the associated risks.

In earlier eras, those with access to vast…

Bottom Line Up Front

Organizations must evolve.

In today’s complex environment, organizations must adopt structures and processes that enable them to be adaptive and dynamic. To achieve this, they must confront the limitations of traditional hierarchies and embrace flatter, more decentralized structures, with an emphasis on smaller action units…


Making complex and highly regulated markets navigable

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